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     We are a dance company that focuses on making your routines easier to manage! Whether your a Hip Hop, Jazz, Pom, Ballet, Show Choir, Glee Club, Country, Cheer, Tap, or Modern dance team, our products will work for you! It's often hard to come up with dance formations after you've just developed a really hot routine. Or maybe you're new to dance coaching and you need a quick formations solution for the performance. Whatever your reasons, we have two dance formations products that could be right for you. Questions? You can email us at support@danceformations.net or call 1-888-808-8460.


Solution #1: Dance Formations Downloadable Book - $10.00

     Never have to plan out dancers formations again! This is a grid of dance formations for groups between 5-18 dancers. 6 formations per dance group gives you access to 84 formations total! It comes with extra grids to create your own additional formations.

-Note: 90% of the formations are optimized so that every dancer can be seen in a "window"
-BONUS: Method on EASIEST way to teach dance formations!
-Instant Download (you will receive an email that will allow you to download the product up to 3 days after purchase)
-.PDF Format
-Easy to print off
-Ideal for quick formation ideas on the fly

-We accept all major credit cards & PayPal

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Solution #2: Dance Formations Software Package - $19.99

     Create your own formations with this easy-to-use software program. Simply drag and drop the dots into place and print off your formation in just seconds! Click here to try it online now for free.

     This software is much easier than the old pencil & paper method. Now you won't loose track of how many dancers you have on the floor! When you finish a formation, you can print off enough for the whole team so that everyone knows exactly where they are supposed to be! Now available for Large groups up to 140 dancers!

-Drag & Drop dots to place into formations
-Add the name of dance & dance formation number
-Add names of dancers to corresponding dots
-Simple click to print button
-Add 1-26 dancers (version 1) or up to 140 dancers (version 2)
-Yours to keep forever
-Instant download (zipped .HTML flash program, no additional software to install)
-We accept all major credit cards & PayPal

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book sample

screen shot

Below: The OLD Pencil & Paper Method of creating Dance Formations
bad print out

Below: A printoff of the NEW software method of creating Dance Formations
good print out

...OR you can purchase BOTH the Dance Formations Downloadable Book & the Dance Formations Software Package for just $24.99!

-We accept all major credit cards & PayPal

get both

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See a Demonstration of the Dance Formation Software Below: